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2023 Wedding Trends

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Another exciting season is here! 2023 brings a great number of gorgeous trends that will thrill and surprise you. Let's check them all out.

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Planning for your special day can be stressful, but with these tips and trends, plus some sound advice, you have totally got this!

And yet, there's no denying that 2022 was a historic year for weddings. The predicted wedding boom took place and millions of celebrations were hosted around the globe. After two years of downsized or delayed nuptials, weddings came back in full force and felt more intentional than ever before. That ethos of personalization and breaking the norm is continuing to drive wedding trends in 2023. As couples continue to "think outside the box" the season surely holds the most creative experiences that can be imagined.

"This looks different to every couple," elaborate Sunna Yassin and Mollie Jones Hennes of event production company Bash Please. "One couple might find their intention in sustainability—that could be as simple as no single use items at their wedding reception. A couple that is in the food industry might find their wedding intentions relate to bringing in a restaurant chef and having a five course meal with an open kitchen. The list goes on. Our commitment is to find these meaningful aspects of each wedding, for each couple and bring them to the horizon so that they feel personalized and intentional."

Some insiders note that trends, as a whole, will have less of an impact on the industry. "I'm excited to see less trends and more of what weddings should be—just about the couple," says photographer Allan Zepeda. Those saying "I do" are also thinking about the experience they give to their invited guests. "On a day that's all about them, our clients are focusing on ensuring that their guests have an absolutely incredible time," says planner Cassy Anderson of Cassy Rose Events. "We are seeing couples prioritize the guest experience in such warm and welcoming ways, whether they are hosting 50 or 500 guests."

One thing most wedding industry experts can agree upon is 2023 will be filled with multi-day destination events. "With people feeling so constrained for the last few years, we are now seeing a major surge in inquiries for destination weddings," shares planner Tracy Taylor Ward. "After the past few years having limited access to travel, couples are eager to see the world and bring their guests along with them!" Wedding planner Bryan Rafanelli adds, "Our clients are loving having full buyouts of venues and hotels, so guests are all together throughout the wedding celebration and having multiple days of events." Planners are seeing smaller guest counts for these destination events, along with a bigger focus on additional activities outside of the ceremony and the reception.

"Many of our couples want to go beyond the Friday through Sunday wedding events and create a week-long community feeling for their guests," note Natalie Pinney and Moira Thompson of Whim Events. "Currently, we are organizing beach cabana days, outdoor movie nights, family game nights, welcome s’mores, and even group bike tours and ultimate frisbee games. These events are an amazing way for our couples to truly take in as much time with family and friends as possible."

As 2023 progresses, we expect to see weddings unlike any we have seen before. Couples will be blazing their own trails with the support of incredible vendors to curate the celebrations that reflect their personalities, style, and love.

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