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What To Expect

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Let's spend some time getting to know each other.  

  • Initial Virtual Meeting - 30 Minutes

  • Phone Meetings & In-Person Also Available

  • Answer a few questions about you and your ceremony

  • Discover your vision and your needs and wants

  • Share more about the process

Draft & Finalize Your Script

  • Based on your answers and my takeaway from our meeting, your ceremony will be drafted

  • Your ceremony will be sent to you so you can review and share your thoughts

  • Any updates, additions and changes are included

  • Script is finalized For Your Special Day

Prepare & Rehearse

  • Ceremony Follow-ups and Rehearsal Confirmation

  • Final Check-In before Your Special Day

  • Schedule time to get your Marriage License

  • Meet to Rehearse Your Ceremony, including entrances and exits

Your Ceremony

  • Check In with You!  Also check in with any planners or coordinators, photographers and DJs

  • Officiate your ceremony, of course!

  • Pronounce you two united in marriage

  • Sign and instruct you and your witnesses exactly how to sign your Marriage License

  • Return license to appropriate governing office

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