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What is In and Out - Wedding Trends for 2022

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Have you heard? Yes - 2022 is the "Year of Weddings". With 2.6 million weddings for the year in the United States, this marks a record 40-year high! Couples and their loved ones are searching for what's trending, you can be sure! So what's trending for 2022?

These Trends are IN ~

Themed Parties What we are seeing is the request for themed parties in 2022. Think disco, old Hollywood, Monte Carlo and masquerade balls. Let the drinks, food and decor become a truly unique and much-talked-about event.

Silver Touches Gold is out, more sustainable and classic remains the go-to for gracing your event.

Wallpaper Accents This could be the backdrop at your reception or ceremony, or it could be the colors adorning the drop behind the band. It's a great way to really showcase your wedding colors.

Serious Wedding Guest Style We've been in our pajamas, sweat pants and workout clothes for too long. Dressing up is the trend here, and pulling out all the stops from head to toe.

Big Blowout Weddings Time to have that celebration you talked about, and time to do it really big and wonderful. After your elopement or mini-mony at least a year ago, you're more than ready to enjoy that huge party and the bigger, the better.

Virtual Save-the-Dates This allows you the "real-time" communication that has become so valuable and continues to remain so. It also checks off the boxes "Affordable" and "Sustainable" as you send off the save-the-dates and the invitations. Exciting to see and know who will be there, and you can also provide more details to your guests in real-time.

Technicolor Schemes More color - bright colors - fun mixtures of colors - that is what couples are leaning towards now that we are all getting together to celebrate once more

Open Air Tents This means no walls, but still allows for protection from the elements.

And who doesn't love a little fresh air?

Multiple and Specialty Bars They are back, and a wonderful trend to showcase a variety of options for your guests.

Hanging Florals Bringing the eyes down to the party and the focus on the couple and the celebration, once again.

Art-Inspired Design It's no wonder that the enduring inspiration of your favorite art becomes the unique touch to your special day.

The Long Wedding Weekend Make it a three- or four-day event! From the welcome party, to daily events, like a hike/walk together, to the rehearsal dinner, and even a detox brunch, your guests will be happily immersed in your nuptial celebration.

These Trends are OUT ~

Family Style Meals Allow the table for you and your guests to be beautifully adorned with more florals, colors and fun items that reflect the two of you.

Twinkle Light Ceilings Again, bring the eyes and focus to the "here and now".

Multiple Toasts at the Reception Let the speeches and toasts happen at the rehearsal dinner, couples say, let's dance and party at the reception.

Monogrammed Dance Floors Keeping in line with the trend of more eyes on the couple, the celebration and the joy.

Muted Color Schemes Weddings are staying away from ivory, cream, sage and navy.

Overly Packed Welcome Bags Let the welcome bags, if any, say "check out this clue to the theme of our party." It give the guests some mystery, some fun and less to take home. Also allows you to keep in line with that sustainability we all crave.

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