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15 Dates to Go On with Your Mate

Updated: Jan 2

So! All the wedding planning is complete! You've checked off all the boxes, completed all your pre-wedding list, and wow! You have done an amazing job. But your ceremony is a few weeks from now, and it's time to continue the journey of your love story, and add that pizzazz again! Now is the time to relax and have fun.

Here are a few ideas to consider - take each other out, or stay in, and enjoy all the wonderful things you love about your partner once again. Let's face it: you've been so busy getting the business of the ceremony and pre-ceremony "to-do's" all lined out that you deserve it! Let's go!

1. Book A Cooking Class - This is a romantic and fun idea to truly "spice" things up once again. [Oh, yes, I said that - and I meant it!]

2. Go Bowling - And have fun with it! Even the most competitive bowlers can relax and have fun with a future spouse by hitting the lanes with your sweetheart.

3. Play a Round of Miniature Golf - Find a nearby miniature golf course and play for stakes: chores or anything you like!

4. Reserve A Painting Date - So many of these studios offer a simple "follow me" painting session, complete with wine and giggles. Oh, you do too giggle!

5. Have a Staycation at an Airbnb Home - Where do you want to go that doesn't require a flight or long drive? If it can easily fit into your budget, some cute little home on the other side of town, or a cabin by the lake nearby, then you'll be thrilled to be able to spend some quality time together.

6. Go on a Virtual Vacation - Anywhere you would love to see as a couple? This can even be a pre-vacation for "bucket-list" vacation you want to plan, just the two of you. Check out online tours via YouTube.

7. Plan something to do outdoors - Like The Gathering Place, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From hiking, to bike-riding, to skating to simply enjoying the space, you will never get overloaded with outdoor options here.

8. Stargaze on a blanket outside at night -- There's nothing more romantic than simply taking in the beauty around you, outside once again, and making those uniquely fond memories.

9. Water Gun Fight - Grab some water guns from the dollar store, or even water balloons, and pelt each other in a park or your own backyard. Yep, there's those giggles again!

10. Have a Picnic at a Local Park - Really, what's more romantic that that? And if you are at a loss as to what to pack, check out these recipes.

11. Enjoy a Spa Night at Home - Remember to include massage with oil, candles, spa music and your favorite robes. Either take turns or hire a couples' massage therapist. In any case, once again, you deserve it!

12. Have At-Home Dinner & Movie Theme Night - Maybe you are Gone with the Wind fans or as a Marathon, Harry Potter fans? Dress up and eat up while you enjoy one another's company. Then breathe a sigh of relief that you are well on your way to being husband and wife!

13. Volunteer Together - Put that giving spirit to work as you both share with your community. Find a place, or two, where you can volunteer your time and efforts. It's always a gift that gives back. Pick one or two options and follow up regularly to share your generosity.

14. Go on a Museum Trip - Free or cheap, either one: find the local and popular museums. Or maybe discover a hidden gem that you never knew about! It's all about spending that time and giving yourselves a break from the hectic planning stages.

15. Enjoy a Sunset or Sunrise on a Beach - Just sit back, relax, and take in the beauty around you. If no beach is available to you, remember there's always the star-gazing option.

BONUS - Write fiction together -- Taking turns on adding to a story, while sitting in a coffee shop. This is also excellent rainy day fun!

You have both worked hard to plan your upcoming wedding, so treat each other! The time is now and the choices are many. Honor yourselves and enjoy that elusive time that you can spend with one another. Oh - and once again, congratulations!

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