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What Does an Officiant Really Do?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

That's an Excellent Question! Once I was asked, "Doesn't the officiant just stand up and read the ceremony?" Not so much. Why on earth would anyone want that, anyway? And the fact is, there's a lot more to it than that, so let's dive into the shallow end for now.

  1. Meet with the Engaged Couple: Set up an initial meeting with the engaged couple to ask a pre-selected series of questions.

  2. Email a Contract for all Parties to Sign: Why? Because it will detail all that you will do, and all that you expect of the your officiant and it's smart business.

  3. Collect a Retainer: You will receive an invoice for the stated retainer and full amounts due. Set up a payment plan if you need to do that, but at least get in the books with that retainer and signed contract.

  4. Draft the Ceremony with Vows: "But there are so many options!" Yes, and your officiant will guide you with a draft for you to review so you get the ceremony script you want.

  5. Finalize the Ceremony: Once you have drafted the ceremony, and everyone loves it, it becomes finalized. But know is it a living document, so you can edit it up to the time of your ceremony. No worries!

  6. Check In You Two: Periodically "touch base" with you and give you peace of mind.

  7. Rehearse the Ceremony: So important to be very familiar with the document so the ceremony flows smoothly.

  8. Attend and/or Direct the Rehearsal: This is a casual but productive event, and is necessary, believe me!

  9. Officiate the Wedding Ceremony: This is the fun part! And it is so rewarding as well.

  10. Complete the Marriage License: Your officiant is your expert and will guide you on your state's requirements for signing the marriage license and returning it to the proper government authority.

So now that you know: how about we book your virtual meeting today?

Click on Schedule a Meeting and we'll get started working together!

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