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What To Expect Series: Booking A Venue

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Oh, yes - you are dreaming of this charming and decadent location immediately as you say "Yes" to the wedding proposal! You see your future spouse standing with you, holding hands. Where will you be?

When booking your perfect wedding venue, there are a few things to keep in mind, and a few items to consider. Remember, ultimately it is your choice For Your Special Day.

You may want to check out the Venue Page on the Tulsa Wedding Society site. This is an excellent group of vendors that go the extra mile for you and your future spouse.

  1. Size of Venue and Accommodation Capacity - Start with your guest list. You will want to have enough space for everyone that will witness your I Do's. Will it just be for you and a couple of your witnesses for the marriage license, or will you need to accommodate 300 guests? [And what will you feed these people, besides cake? Okay, that's another article. Stay tuned!] In any case, whether you choose a very small, medium, grand or destination wedding, you have a few from which to choose.

  2. Location of Venue - For You and Your Guests - Will you have to travel, and will your guests be able to find you easily? Yes, these are important questions. Besides the size and beauty of the space, you will want to be easily found by GPS or the old fashioned way of including a map, if needed. I am speaking from experience here when I say, if it is in your budget, choose a space that is easy to locate, for everyone, whether they are traveling from out of town, or live in the area.

  3. Budget for Venue - Are you paying for the space yourselves, or is the family going to assist or even fully foot the bill for the venue? If you are getting assistance, this is where you will make some small concessions and defer to your "team" of sponsors, shall we say, in making the choice. It has to fit the budget, and has to be agreed-upon here. The good news is, there are so many venues and you can easily narrow down your list by checking off the first two options in this list. Visit the venues with your team of sponsors, or the sponsor of the venue, and chances are excellent you will have a place booked in no time. These venues know what couples want!

  4. Need for Accessibility - This may be a concession you need to consider for your sweet grandmother, or precious uncle who wants to be at your nuptial ceremony, but may need a ramp to enter the venue, or space to bring in a wheelchair. Just keep this option in mind when visiting the venue locations on your list.

In addition to these considerations, it's a good idea to sit down with your "team", even if that is simply your fiancé, and make a list of places to visit. Include addresses, web links and phone numbers on your list. Consider using Wedding Wire or The Knot's tools to create your budget and your checklist.

Congratulations on your upcoming celebration, and enjoy the process. It's all for love!

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