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Virtual Meetings

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

In our world today, virtual meetings have been a blessing for a number of reasons, excluding the health factor. Ultimately, it is a time-saver, for you and for your clients: who wouldn't rather be in the comfort of their own home to meet new people? And truly - it is so easy and free! You've got a few options, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, to name a few. Offer a phone call or in-person meeting if you can, but I've been so amazed and thrilled with Zoom that I suggest that option first - every time!

But wait a minute, you say: I am not good at leading a meeting! No worries, just follow this list and you'll make your next client meeting a "slam-dunk" ~

  1. New to virtual meetings yourself? Call a friend via Zoom or your preferred virtual platform. This way you can test it out and discover any issues you may encounter before you meet with your client(s).

  2. Choose Your Space: make sure it is free of distraction of any kind, like children, "fur babies" included; and know that the free version of Zoom allow you to choose a background if your graphics card supports Zoom backgrounds, or you can just blur your background.

  3. Use a good camera: Good? Great is better - right? Built into your monitor or added on with a fancy halo light ring to enhance your image, all work nicely.

1. Consider Using a Headset with Microphone: Better audio is a must - it's a meeting!

So invest in a decent headset with a microphone, and you'll look so professional.

2. Make a List of Questions: This is crucial to the meeting, so you cover every issue or concern that may need to be discussed or addressed. And know that the more meetings you have, the more you will likely revised the questions that you ask, and the order in which you present them. Remember to include a wrap up, "Is there anything you can think of that we have not covered?"

3. Ingratiate yourself from the beginning with small talk: there's a reason it is a large part of the art of conversation, and you are selling yourself as well as your products or services.

Be sure to follow up with a Thank You for attending the meeting. Typically, with my clients, I am following up with a contract and wedding ceremony script samples, to assist with the drafting of their personal ceremony. And a quick Thank You goes a long way!

You've got this: now you can meet up virtually just like all the pros!

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