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Congratulations On Your Celebration Together!

Embrace the simplicity of booking with me, your best choice as wedding officiant.  Your day will be memorable, unique and a launching point for your beautiful life together.

What Can I Do For You?

Simple? Grand? Let's make this memorable!

Meeting: Getting To Know You

Let's meet and get to know the both of you!  Who are you - where do you work, play, live?  How did you two meet?

Finding the Ceremony that Fits

What must your ceremony include?  Do you want a traditional "script" or do you want to write your own?

Advice & Counsel

We are your guide: in that interest, we will have some questions!  Additionally, we'll have a brief questionnaire to share.

Research & Drafting

When we have checked off all the boxes, it is time to "draft" your ceremony - this is a team effort!

Meet & Finalize

Final meeting(s) and final drafts: let's go over everything and make sure it's just as you imagined!

Make It Happen!

On your special day, I will officiate the ceremony as finalized by us as team, laugh and maybe cry with you, and ensure the license is completed promptly.  Congratulations!

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